February 18, 2011

My Plant Looks Dark & Dirty So What Should I Do?

The objective is to maximize the money your spending to improve the appearance and operation of your manufacturing facility. It’s not always clear what to do first. Dirty dark ceiling, walls, floors, machinery; we can’t afford to paint everything so what do we do and what do we leave till next year?

Each job is unique in terms of condition but generally the painting of the ceilings provides the greatest improvement in lighting to an interior space. It also happens to be where you would start to paint if you were to paint everything in an interior space. What I mean by this is for instance; if you go and paint walls without painting the ceiling and decide at a later date to paint the walls, you have to protect the walls from getting ruined. This is the same for most surfaces in a building if you leave the painting of ceilings to a later date.

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