January 27, 2010

Plant & Factory Floor Remediation

Lately, with the vacating of numerous manufacturing facilities by long-term tenants, we are seeing plants in terrible condition. They tend to look particularly bad when everything is cleared out of them. Stamping plants tend to mist oil to lubricate dies, and the oil mist gets on everything from ceilings, to walls to the floor. The floors can have a quarter of an inch of oil and dirt on them that has to be cleaned up before you can even take a new tenant or buyer in for a viewing.

Years ago, the dirty water from left behind after cleaning would go down the drain, but not now. We have containers to remove the dirty wastewater after washing, and then have it disposed at a registered waste treatment facility.

At Induspray, we've been hired for our expertise in the restoration of badly damaged plant floors. This process includes cleaning, patching damaged areas, replacing areas, implementing floor leveling systems, and coating them to make the floors look more uniform and to get rid of the oily smell. Induspray is always trying to minimize the cost for our customers, so we don't do more than is needed. Sometimes this means that expensive floor over-layments are avoided, even when we have a rough floor if we are not positive that the owner will benefit.

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